Whether your looking to fix a mistake on a billboard or looking to add extra flare to your billboard, we do it all here at Kramer Graphics. We can print billboard extensions on either our strong decal material or on vinyl finished to your choosing. For billboard snipes, we print on decals to your specifications


2408 W Dorothy Lane
Dayton, OH 45439
P: 937.296.9600
E: salessupport@kramergraphics.com


Thanks for your quickness on delivering the banner this morning!! Beyond my expectations.

This is why I’m confident when handing a project off to Kramer Graphics (big or small). In our business, unfortunately, sometimes we have those unforseen deadlines or last minute executions. It’s nice to have a trusted resource and partner to align with!!! Thanks again for your efforts and hard work– definitely noticed and appreciated!

Shawn Davies-Boomerang Design